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New North Carolina Expungement Law Erases Your Criminal Record

Any arrest or conviction that results in a criminal record has a negative impact on your future. A criminal record in North Carolina can bar you from professional licenses, certifications, employment and even from qualifying for loans. The Law Offices of Ames Chamberlin, P.L.L.C. helps residents of Greensboro, and the surrounding areas clear up such records by seeking an expunction.

Expunction (also known as expungement) removes your criminal history from the public record. North Carolina recently enacted a new law making it easier for certain people to expunge an arrest and conviction from their records. This new law provides for both felony expungement and misdemeanor expungement. If you should petition for expunction of a prior conviction is something you should discuss with a board certified specialist in state and federal criminal law.

Learn about North Carolina expungement laws

The Law Offices of Ames Chamberlin can explain how to expunge a criminal record in North Carolina, and advise you if your past criminal record can be expunged. Not all convictions qualify for expunction because there are certain convictions that cannot be removed from a criminal record.

Some of the general requirements for expunging your record are:

  • The conviction was a first-time nonviolent misdemeanor or nonviolent felony
  • The petition for expunction must be filed in the court where the conviction was obtained
  • The person seeking expunction has had a clean record—except for traffic violations—since the date of the conviction
  • The petition for expunction is at least 15 years from the conviction date or the completion of that conviction’s sentence, whichever is later
  • You have no outstanding warrants or pending criminal cases
  • You have no outstanding restitution orders or judgments representing restitution
  • You have not been granted a prior expungement under this law

How Ames Chamberlin helps you expunge a North Carolina record

Our skilled and persuasive criminal defense lawyer Ames Chamberlin assists you in every step of your expunction. We file the petition for expunction along with the required affidavits, and we appear in court with you to counter any objections to expunction that the prosecutor raises. If the court determines you are eligible and deserving of expunction, the judge orders the records of your conviction purged from all hard copy files and electronic databases.

Free consultation about clearing your record

The Law Offices of Ames Chamberlin gives you sound legal advice about expunction based on many years of working in the criminal justice system. Contact us online or by telephone at 336-638-1117 to set up a consultation at no expense to you during convenient and flexible hours that suit your schedule.


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