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Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina, Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

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Representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical if you are facing charges of domestic violence. Ames Chamberlin at The Law Offices of Ames Chamberlin, P.L.L.C. is a trusted, highly respected and ethical defense lawyer who knows North Carolina domestic violence laws. Mr. Chamberlin has represented defendants not only in Greensboro, High Point in Guilford County but also Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Wentworth and Graham.   As a firm that deals exclusively with criminal cases and related matters such as restraining orders, we can point to more than 18 years of securing favorable outcomes for our clients in domestic violence cases.

Criminal defense attorney Ames Chamberlin is sensitive to the plight of people trapped by baseless or mistaken accusations. Let us meet with you, review your case and help you achieve the best results possible. We pride ourselves on our loyalty to our clients and individual attention to every case.

What constitutes domestic violence in North Carolina

A domestic violence accusation means that the person with whom you have a personal relationship has accused you of committing an assault either by inflicting or trying to inflict bodily injury, committed a sexual assault or engaged in harassment causing fear and emotional distress. Domestic violence includes a wide range of offenses, but they all center on the personal relationship of the parties involved. North Carolina law requires that a domestic violence offense be against a person with whom you had a “personal relationship.” A personal relationship includes people who:

  • Are current or former spouses
  • Are persons of opposite sex who live together or have lived together
  • Are related as parents and children, including others acting in loco parentis to a minor child, or as grandparents and grandchildren
  • Have a child in common
  • Are current or former household members
  • Are persons of the opposite sex in a dating relationship or have been in a dating relationship, meaning the parties are romantically involved over time and on a continuous basis during the course of the relationship

The consequences of a domestic violence charge are grave. You can be served with a domestic violence protective order (DVPO) based solely on your accuser’s testimony when you were not present in court to dispute it. If that DVPO  of 50B prohibits contact with your children, it has serious repercussions in family law court where your visitation can be restricted or custody denied. A domestic violence conviction also means you may face incarceration or supervised probation and cannot possess a firearm. A Domestic Violence Protective order violation constitutes an entirely separate crime.

Speaking up for you in North Carolina courts

The Law Offices of Ames Chamberlin knows that domestic violence accusations can be made due to malice or mistake. Let us speak for you in court. Contact us online or by telephone 336-638-1117 to arrange a consultation at no cost to you.


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