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What Are My Rights if I Get Stopped for a DWI in North Carolina?

Cop Suspecting a Man of Drunk DrivingIf an officer stops your vehicle, then you have been seized under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the officer must be able to justify stopping you by articulating some reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or a traffic violation based upon specific, objective, articulable facts or some community caretaking purpose. An exception to this requirement is if there is a valid Driving While Impaired or Driver’s License Checkpoint. If the officer stops you without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or…

Driving While Impaired and the Civil Revocation in North Carolina

If you are charged with Driving While Impaired, and you registered a .08 after a breath test on the EC/IR II or a blood test, or you willfully refused to submit to either test (This does not apply to a roadside Alco-sensor test), your license will be suspended for at least thirty days, and in some instances forty-five days. If you have a commercial driver’s license, it may be suspended for one year based upon the civil revocation…


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